Congratulations – you’re engaged! And looking forward to a magical wedding day to laun

plch the rest of your lives together. I am an ordained Interfaith Minister and I love helping couples create a wedding ceremony that reflects your unique personalities, spiritual beliefs and heartfelt feelings. My Master’s thesis was on the power of transformative ritual, and I truly believe that weddings are the highest form of sacred play! Together, we craft a memorable, creative ceremony that elegantly (and playfully!) expresses your love for and commitment to each other. When my husband Peter and I were married in 1981, we created our own ceremony with a minister and rabbi – pretty radical idea at the time. I certainly never thought I’d be helping couples do the same, 30 years later! Sometimes the couples I work with are from different faith traditions, as Peter and I were, and want to find common spiritual ground to celebrate this most joyous of life’s passages. Other times, couples are simply looking for a unique, creative way to express their love for and commitment to one another; they want someone to partner with them in creating a very personal and meaningful ceremony with little of the language, music, or visual symbols of a “traditional” wedding. And of course, I’m delighted to work with same-sex couples who want to sacralize their bond in a special way as well. In all instances, we work together to craft a simple and beautiful ceremony which blends your vision and my expertise. CREATING YOUR IDEAL CEREMONY When you decide to create your own wedding ceremony, the world’s traditions are your playing field. Certainly, you can opt for a creative blend of the religions of your respective families. You may even want to have more than one officiate present to represent different faith traditions. I have co-officiated with Rabbis, Buddhist Priests, and Christian Ministers, sometimes even with 2 others! Or, you might want a contemporary ceremony which is completely original, drawing on elements and rituals from multiple traditions, including Native American, Celtic, Sufism, Islam, Earth-Centered Spirituality, Hinduism, Egyptian, to name a few. You’re invited to bring all your ideas to our first planning session and we’ll also draw from the resources I’ve compiled over the years. If you’re undecided about the location for your ceremony, I have lots of suggestions in the New York metro area as well. This is your ceremony and it will be as elaborate or simple as you want it to be. ADDITIONAL WEDDING SERVICES Pre-Marital Coaching Sometimes it’s helpful to have an objective third party hold the space for a couple as they contemplate the big issues of creating and sustaining a lifelong relationship. Work, family time, children, in-laws, spiritual life… these are some of the areas we can address so you can begin this new journey with confidence and excitement. This can be done in 2 or 3 informal sessions, or you might want to consider the more structured 5-week program (complete with 55-page workbook) called “Partners in Life” (PIL). For more information on this powerful program, please check the bottom of the Relationship Coaching page on my website. Bridesmaid CelebrationCircle Imagine creating a magical web of support the day before the wedding with all of the special women (and girls) in the bridal party. We create an atmosphere of sacred play, allowing them to celebrate what they love most about the bride and giving her an opportunity to thank them for all their love and support. Magical Bridal Showers These are typically arranged with someone other than the bride and provide an opportunity for her friends and family to create a truly meaningful (but still thoroughly fun) celebration for her. Sorry, I’m not giving any details here… it’s a surprise, so have your Maid of Honor call me! Vow Renewals Whether you’ve been married 5 years or 25 years, renewing your marriage vows can be a powerful re-commitment to all of those promises you made when you were first married… as well as adding some important new insights you’ve gained since then! I’ve created intimate ceremonies with some couples and more elaborate ones for others as part of their larger “Happy Anniversary” festivities. As with the wedding ceremony, we tailor it to meet whatever style fits with your vision of a special anniversary celebration.please call us 302-333-1145

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Officiant Nina Ross is an Award-Winning Non-Denominational Wedding Officiant who performs memorable, personalized, and romantic wedding ceremonies. People always ask me why I officiate weddings. It’s very simple, because I love it! Thank you for thinking of me to be a part of your special celebration. I accept a limited number of weddings each year because I understand that your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life. My goal is to provide you a memorable and romantic ceremony that you and your guests will always remember. Ordained non-denominational wedding minister Ceremonies are personalized and customized Traditional and creative wedding ceremonies Recipient of many awards & honors, including the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 Featured on #RichKids of Beverly Hills Contact me @302-465-0749 today and find out how I can make your wedding ceremony a true masterpiece. It is my personal goal to always exceed your expectations. I look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, Officiant Nina Officiant Nina,ordained Call for Services @302-465-0749

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