I am a wedding officiant and I will try to explain why the fee’s are the way they are. 1 First it is much much more than 30 minutes of work if you hire a professional wedding officiant. 2. I personally have never officiated two weddings the same. Every ceremony is designed for the couple. 3. You can incorporate so many things into a ceremony. From a hand blessing, hand fasting, roses for mothers, sand ceremony, unity candle ceremony, wine ceremony and tons more including couples with children and special mentions for couples with deceased parents. 4. Your family, friends, co-workers are all watching this entire ceremony. Do you want a 5 min. ceremony they offer at the courthouse or a beautiful ceremony with memories? 5. Your officiant spends hours behind the scenes writing ceremonies, spends travel time, gas, wear and tear on the vehicle, and don’t forget they have license fee’s, taxes, and all related business fee’s. Just like any other business. (con’t)

(con’t) Your Officiant arrives early, makes sure everything is ready and your ceremony runs smoothly and then another trip to file your license Your Officiant must have a good public speaking voice and keep your guests interested and involved. The ceremony is the beginning of your wedding celebration. It honestly sets the tone for the entire day. If it doesn’t go well your guests will carry it right into the reception and it will be the topic of conversation for quite some time trust me. Have you ever gotten all dressed up, all excited about going to see a movie or play it was a big disappointment? You remember it for a long time. That is exactly how your guests feel when they go to a dog and pony show. Is that what you want for a memory of your most special, beautiful day? The ceremony is the reason for the gown, the flowers, the reception.

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